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The present form of the pyramid is chiefly a result of the method employed in bonding the eight-stepped pyramid with the pyramid of seven steps.

As the former rose to the level of each successive step of the latter, courses of blocks were laid across the two steps to bond them together, but the bonding was not very strong and, in later times, the removal of large parts of the two outermost coverings must have presented few difficulties.

Meydum preserves the earliest example of what was to become the standard Old Kingdom pyramid complex.

It consisted of five essential elements: the main pyramid, a mortuary temple, a subsidiary pyramid, and a causeway linking the enclosed area of the complex with a temple in the valley on the western fringe of cultivation.

The pyramid resembles a square tower with its base engulfed in sand. Further explorations were conducted in 1909-10 by Petrie, G. Wainwright and Mackay; in 1911-12 by Wainwright; in 1926 by Ludwig Borchardt; and in 1929-30 by Alan Rowe.

In 1983 the Egyptian Antiquities Organization under Ali El Khouli removed the sand and debris from the north-west corner of the pyramid.

The change of method demonstrates that the transformation to the true pyramid took place at about the same time as the building of Seneferu’s Northern Stone Pyramid at Dahshur, where the stones were laid in flat courses.

In the wife’s chapel of the twin mastaba (M 16) belonging to Neferma’at, the "Eldest Son of the King," and his wife Itet, was a wall painting of a line of geese.

A male skeleton was found in the tomb, completely bandaged in gauze after each bone had been defleshed and wrapped separately.

His granite sarcophagus shows a remarkable degree of technical perfection.

A theory that the monument disintegrated because the foundation blocks of the backing stones and the outer casing of the true pyramid were laid in places on sand was disproved when the northwest corner of the pyramid was cleared of sand and debris and no trace of movement was found.

The stones in the two stepped forms of the pyramid and those in the true pyramid were laid in different ways: in the stepped forms the courses inclined inward, but in the true pyramid they were flat.

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